Our Approach

Lynne Castell


It is generally accepted that WSM needs a leisure pool complex. Currently North Somerset Council plan to incorporate this in an expanded facility at Hutton Moor. However we believe that there are much greater benefits for the town and its visitors if the new complex were to be built on the seafront. The seafront option delivers most of the benefits of the Hutton Moor option but would add a world class facility for the use of residents and visitors alike. Weston is a very popular seaside resort but it suffers from being on the Severn estuary and lacks the traditional swim/paddle experience.

Our approach consists of two phases

         demonstrate public support and preference for the seafront option then

         get North Somerset to carry out an independent evaluation of both options


Phase A Demonstrate strong Public and Business Support


If we are to build the case for the new seafront pool then we must demonstrate a high level of public support. This will be done by:


         An interactive website with information on the project, latest news and ability for public and businesses to register their support

         A web page to enable people to offer resource (time or money)

         An online petition

         Leafleting leaflets explaining the project will be distributed to as many houses in Weston as possible. We will need help in this.

         Contacting local businesses to gain their support e.g. a seafront pool would benefit local hotels by offering an additional attraction for their guests

         Hold public meetings to communicate the design and reinforce public support


Phase B Lobbying the Key Influencers to evaluate both options the seafront option and the Hutton Moor option

         Once we have shown that the residents strongly prefer the Seafront Option we will lobby WSM Town Council, North Somerset Council and John Penrose to carry out and independent evaluation of both options



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